Types of Learning Programs

Creating a Connected Network For Continuous Learning

Small and medium businesses acknolwedge mentoring helps success 93%
More likely retained year over year having a mentor 71%
Leave due to poor training 40%

The general ways people learn do not change, but the mediums people use to learn have changed over time. Accordingly, the corporate environment should provide a variety of learning channels. Below are some of the programs that Socrategy can offer to develop your workforce.

Management Mentoring Programs

Socrategy’s Management Mentoring Program is designed to develop more productive managers who have better decision-making abilities. We work with new managers and supervisors to explore job responsibilities, measurements of success, data driven management, workflow analysis, and problem solving and apply these to their jobs. We provide this program as either an open enrollment with participants from various companies or limit participation to a single company.

New Product/Operational Procedures Mentoring Programs

New Product and Operational Procedures mentoring programs allow your product managers and subject matter experts to meet with your sales force and operations personnel without traveling on a flexible schedule. We work with your product managers and subject matter experts to develop the self-paced training, discussion forums, and live web meetings. Your participants cover the self-directed content at their own pace. Live web meetings are then conducted with your trainers to address questions, analytical issues, and specific issues. As needs arise, additional web meetings are conducted.

Point of Sales Video Guide

The Point of Sales Guide aims to provide sales/support staff the critical product and services information where and when its needed. Within the guide, the different information includes instructional video(s), key information, links to additional documentation and presentations.