Company Overview

Socrategy is a consulting company that provides customized knowledge sharing solutions to help your business, company, or organization grow. Our team will analyze your knowledge sharing needs and develop eLearning, webinars, discussion boards, online meetings, and document sharing. The Socrategy cloud based system will enable your organization to deliver, track, and report user progress. These courses and programs help to shorten the development time and reduce costs.

Why We Standout?

  • Quality program customization
  • Cost effective and practical packages for all business types
  • Interactive learning and information sharing
  • Variety of learning and knowledge sharing channels
  • Extensive integrated curriculum

Our vision is to help clients achieve their highest levels of learning.

We strive to identify an organization’s needs and provide its members with knowledge sharing solutions using a variety of tools tailored to the organization’s needs.

We believe that commitment and integrity are the cornerstones of success and prioritize giving back to our communities and to each other, ultimately helping everyone in the process.