Q. What is the difference between Socrategy Align and job boards and HR sites?

A. We focus on the future, while jobs jobs and HR sites use past history to meet current job openings. We provide the information for businesses to plan for their future workforce needs and for schools to prepare students for the in-demand and well-paying jobs.

Q. What are the steps for aligning the workforce needs and school offering in a defined economic development areas?

Q. How long does this process takes?

A. We estimate that for full implement it requires one year.

A. We can offer you the option to stop after each step..

Q. How are the career days, job shadowing and internships provided?

A. The career library, career days, job shadowing and internships are provided based upon the jobs being created. Input on content is provided by the local businesses. Instructional delivery uses a hybrid method of self-paces learning, online meetings and in-person visits.