Technology and Services for Selling on Value at the Speed of Today’s Business

If your company’s sales approach is selling on value vs price, your salespeople need detailed product information. If expect your salespeople to be problem solvers and not product pushers, they need detailed product information. At the speed of business today before your customers talks to your salespeople, they have access to your company’s and competitor’s website and product information. The successful salesperson, selling on value, needs more in-depth information than a client can find on the web. The phrases “I will get back to you with the information” or “tell me something I don’t know” are not things you want to hear. Not having critical product information when and where it is needed are often deal breakers. Socrategy’s Digital Sales Guide app and Socrategy OnTrack product information portal provide up-to-date product information to your salespeople where and when it is needed.

Digital Sales Guide

Socrategy’s Digital Sales Guide (DSG) is our secured app that provides salespeople with the product and market information needed when meeting with a customer. Providing critical product information on an app, helps to ensure salespeople have access to information when meeting with a customer. Meeting which may be held at the customer’s location, job sites, restaurants, or trade shows . The app is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. We brand our app with your company logo, include your product information, which typically includes for each product:

  • Description
  • Features and Benefits
  • Options and Customization Capabilities
  • Key Selling Points
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Marketing materials
  • Related Products

Having access to this information when meeting with customers helps to:

  • Increase sales
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Reduce the time required for new salespeople up to speed faster
  • Improve efficiency of new product introductions

We provide a full line of services for both introduction and maintenance of your Digital Sales Guide.

Your company’s SME with our instructional design experts to create interactive training with accountability in the shortest time possible

Socrategy OnTrack – Product Knowledge Portal

Socrategy OnTrack is our product knowledge portal, it works in conjunction with our DSG. While the DSG provides access to factual product information, Socrategy OnTrack focuses on insights into the propose of the product and how it meets customers’ needs. Working with your company’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), such as product managers, we develop quality and instructionally sound product webinars. This includes slides, videos, and handouts. The SME presents the webinar which we record. We then edit the recording it into short segments and add quick quizzes between each segment. Support documents are loaded into the document section and a final assessment is added. The recording, documents and assessments are loaded onto Socrategy OnTrack and which track who reviewed the webinar and how they did on the assessments.

Seminars, Mentoring and Development Services

Let us share our experience to help you implement and maintain your sales apps and product portals.  We provide seminars on using state of the art technology and procedures for providing your salesforce with critical product information for your selling on value sales approach.

Working with your company’s key personnel, we provide in person seminars for implementing sales apps and product portals. We present step-by-step procedures for implementing your sales app and product knowledge portal. We offer mentoring program to provide long-term advice and support for implementing and supporting the apps and product portal.  Our development services include customizing our apps, portal, developing, and maintaining content.

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