Helping Students Prepare for the Careers of the Future
By Bringing Schools and Business

For over forty years we have worked with businesses and educators developing and providing professional development, job training, and instructional systems. Our business clients include companies in the fields of telecommunications, finance, construction, manufacturing, and chemical.   Our educational clients include K – 12, colleges, universities, tutoring companies and social services.

We understand the every changing workforce needs of growing businesses and the development and implementation of school curriculum. Our goal is to help match evolving workforce needs of businesses to career awareness and preparation provided by schools to students.

CTE Services

Career Day Series – This series provides interactive webinars with career and industry experts to   explores how careers and jobs  are changing. It helps students develop a plan for acquiring the skills and knowledge in the areas of technology, communications, organization, and self-motivation for these changing times.

Virtual Job Shadowing – As students identify careers and jobs of interest, we work with the school and business partners to provide web-based virtual job shadowing. Students work alongside a business mentor remotely.

Work Based Learning Program – As students identify specific careers in which they want to complete a work based learning program, we provide our virtual work based learning platform.

CTE Support Platform – Our platform used to support our CTE services provides:

  • Instructional materials
  • Online meetings capabilities between students, school and business partners
  • Professional development workshops for teachers and business partners
  • Online classes for students
  • Policies and procedures
  • Tracking and reporting activities