Knowledge Sharing Solutions for Manufacturers and Service Providers

We specialize in working with manufacturers and service providers who use a dealer network for sales. Using our Socrategy OnTrack platform, we provide the product training, policies and procedures to authorized dealers and their salespeople. We provide dealers and salespeople access only to the products approved by the manufacturer. For example, a manufacturer has four product lines, but a dealer is only contracted to sell three of the lines. When this dealer accesses Socrategy OnTrack, our access is only provided for the three contracted lines. The fourth line which the dealer has not contracted to sell will not be displayed.

We track and analyze dealer and salesperson usage by training, product lines and product.

Shorten the sales process by providing critical information when and where it is needed

Digital Sales Guides

The Socrategy Digital Sales Guides app allows a salesperson to access product information on mobile devices. This allows the salesperson quick access to the information while meeting with a customer. Our Digital Sales Guide is dealer and salesperson focused. Dealers often sell multiple products and services from various manufacturers. Products and services may be bundled together to meet a customer’s needs.

For example, if a dealer is selling a crane that is mounted on a truck the crane may come from one manufacturer while the truck comes from another. In order for the sales person to obtain product information on the crane and truck the salesperson may have to log into at two different websites. If the crane can be mounted on multiple types of trucks the salesperson would have to access even more websites.

The Socrategy Digital Sales Guide app presents product information from multiple represented manufacturers or service providers. The dealer can organize the content to be consistent with their sales process.

Our goal is to provide product information, where and when it is needed in order to shorten the sales cycle and increase sales.

Your company’s SME with our instructional design experts to create interactive training with accountability in the shortest time possible

Webinars to Training

We work with your company’s subject matter experts to help develop quality and instructionally sound webinars. This includes slides, videos and handouts. The subject matter expert presents the webinar to a limited audience which we record. We edit out unwanted interactions, divide it into short segments and add quick quizzes between each segment. Support documents are loaded into the document section and a final assessment is added. The recording, documents and assessments are loaded onto Socrategy OnTrack and can now track who reviewed the webinar and how they did on the assessments. This is a fast and effective way to product interactive and instructionally sound learning.

Using social media allows seasoned professionals to mentor and develop new managers and supervisors

Management Mentoring Programs

We work with new managers and supervisors to explore job responsibilities, measurements of success, data driven management, workflow analysis, and problem solving and apply these to their jobs. We provide this program as either an open enrollment with participants from various companies or limit participation to a single company.

Needs Analysis and Content Development

We have the instructional design expertise and experience to help you identify your knowledge needs and develop the appropriate content. Content delivery formats include, digital sales guides, eLearning, webinars, classroom and blended learning. We have developed content for:

  • Product Introductions
  • New Systems and Enhancements
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Installation and Maintenance
  • Management and Supervisory
  • Mentoring Programs

Industries Served

Insurance and Financial
Insurance and Financial