Frequently Asked Questions

Socrategy continuously helps companies around the world achieve better knowledge bases. Here are the most frequently asked questions we often encounter.

What is Socrategy App2Go?

Socrategy’s App2Go is our secured app platform that allows you to quickly and easily develop, deploy and maintain your app. No programming skills are required. The app is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

What is Socrategy OnTrack

Socrategy OnTrack is our Webianr Learning Management System (WLMS) that is specifically designed to host and record webinars, which are converted to eLearning. Socrategy OnTrack provides secured access and tracks users, classes started, completed and assessments. The system comes with a variety of standard reports.

What technology is required for the Socrategy App2Go?

Content for Socrategy App2Go is developed and maintained on our website.  No special technology is needed.  All that is required is a browser and internet access.

What technology is needed for Socrategy OnTrack?

Management of the webinar LMS is web-based. You can create classes, add content, obtain usage reports,manage students, and instructors from the administrator pages.. We can provide you with the technology to conduct and record webinars, or you can use your own service.  You will also need the technology to edit the recorded webinars

Do I need to know any programming languages for Socrategy App2Go and Socrategy OnTrack