Frequently Asked Questions

Socrategy continuously helps companies around the world achieve better knowledge bases. Here are the most frequently asked questions we often encounter.

What is a Digital Sales Guide?

Socrategy’s Digital Sales Guide (DSG) is our secured app that provides salespeople with the product and market information needed when meeting with a customer. Providing critical product information on an app, helps to ensure salespeople have access to information when meeting with a customer. Meeting which may be held at the customer’s location, job sites, restaurants, or trade shows . The app is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

What technology is required for the Socrategy DSG app?

The Socrategy DSG consists of an app which is downloaded onto your salespople phones or tablets. It also includes an administration website which allows you to develop content, assign, and track users.

As a salesperson, can I get multiple manufacturers on a single DSG?

Products from multiple manufacturers can be on a single DSG.

How can you help me if you are not an expert in my industry?

We are experts in reviewing job/industry related documentation and data, interviewing your personnel and observing job performance. Based upon our findings, we summarize what information and training is needed. While we are experts in the analysis process, our client’s input is critical.

We do webinars all the time, isn’t this enough?

Webinars are great tools, but no one tool is right for everything. Webinars are a great stating point – we divide them into segments and add questions between the segments. We also add a discussion board and track assessment results adding accountability for continuing the learning process. Our webinars, in conjunction with our complimentary tools, are more effective with limited additional work.

How much does this cost?

Our solution is cost effective. For pricing, contact us so that we may understand your needs.