Frequently Asked Questions

Socrategy continuously helps companies around the world achieve better knowledge bases. Here are the most frequently asked questions we often encounter.

What is a knowledge sharing solution?

A knowledge sharing solution creates a single place to obtain and share information. Knowledge sharing solutions are designed to provide a continuous learning environment and centralized information network.

For example, a sales associate is in a business meeting conveying all product options for a potent client. By utilizing the Socrategy Digital Sales Guide, the associate has all pertinent product information at their fingertips. This consolidates all requisite data from the varying sources into one easy to navigate application.

In essence, providing these tools create an environment of efficient availability and strengthens the overall knowledge base of your organization.

What happens if I am not sure what information and training people need?

When developing a knowledge sharing solution, we follow an established instructional systems design approach. As part of this approach, we review your existing data/documentation and interview your subject matter experts along with your system end users to identify their informational and
training needs.

How do I get access to products on the sales guide?

Manufacturers import product information and grant access to authorized distributors/sellers. Then the distributors/sellers grant access to their sales force. Each sales associate will log into the application and all authorized products will be visible.

How can you help me if you are not an expert in my industry?

We are experts in reviewing job/industry related documentation and data, interviewing your personnel and observing job performance. Based upon our findings, we summarize what information and training is needed. While we are experts in the analysis process, our client’s input is critical.

We do webinars all the time, isn’t this enough?

Webinars are great tools, but no one tool is right for everything. Webinars are a great stating point – we divide them into segments and add questions between the segments. We also add a discussion board and track assessment results adding accountability for continuing the learning process. Our webinars, in conjunction with our complimentary tools, are more effective with limited additional work.

How much does this cost?

Our solution is cost effective. For pricing, contact us so that we may understand your needs.

How do you train my entire organization?

We suggest a phased approach. We start by prioritizing the projects, completing the most critical first, and then adding new projects on a regular deployment schedule.

What technology do I need?

You can use the technology already in place at your organization. We host your solution in our cloud and provide direct access to your learning tools.