Management Mentoring Program Pilot

Because learning general theories isn’t a  guarantee of real-world success, Socrategy, Inc. provides an  innovative approach that combines training and mentoring. We are proud to announce our new Management Mentoring program. The Management Mentoring program has a hands on approach along with focused mentoring.

Program components include the instructional materials, instructors/mentors, forums, online assessments and interactive webinars. The Management Mentoring program is based upon our, highly successful management training, for corporate clients. The program is delivered using Socrategy OnTrack our mentoring/blended learn platform.

Two different groups are appropriate for this program. In the open enrollment program, people from a variety of companies can enroll. We are scheduling an open enrollment program to start August 17, 2015.

Company specific allows us to customize the content to include company policies, procedures and reports. We can schedule the sessions to meet the company’s needs. To learn more about the pilot, or to sign up, visit Socrategy Pilot.

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